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NICU Awareness Month

Make a gift during NICU Awareness Month to support our tiny warriors and the unwavering love of their families. Your support plays an integral role in our mission to provide resources, offer guidance, and advocate for improved healthcare policies for NICU families.

NICU Awareness Month

Join us in celebrating NICU Awareness Month at Johns Hopkins Children's Center! Every September, we dedicate this special month to raise awareness and funds to support the tiniest patients and their families in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Our NICU provides critical care to premature and medically fragile newborns, giving them the best chance at a healthy start in life. About 1,100 newborn infants are admitted to our two units each year.

During NICU Awareness Month, we highlight the incredible work of our dedicated medical team, the resilience of our tiny warriors, and the unwavering love of their families. Your donation will make a significant impact by helping us invest in cutting-edge equipment, advance research, and support the emotional needs of NICU families and the developmental needs of NICU babies.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these precious infants and their families. Join us in raising awareness and contributing to the lifesaving care provided at Johns Hopkins. Your generosity brings hope, healing, and brighter futures to the smallest members of our community.

Your gift today will support the area of the NICU that is most meaningful to you. Giving options include:

  • NICU Gift Fund: supports the Neonatal Intensive Care Units greatest needs
  • NICN Gift Fund: supports the Neuro-Neonatal Intensive Care Nurserys greatest needs and research projects
  • Breastfeeding Fund: supports breastfeeding needs (pumps, covers, boppy pillows, cooler bags, etc.)
  • NEST Fund: supports babies developmental needs and care (MamaRoos, sleep sacks, mirrors, pacifiers, etc.)
  • Pediatric Palliative Care Fund: supports in-home care services, family programming, family support, and staffing
  • Baby Harrison Mullins Perinatal Memorial Gift Fund: supports bereavement program, funeral expenses, and palliative care supplies

Thank you for being a beacon of hope for families being cared for at Johns Hopkins, and for future families who will rely on these critical services, needs, and research advancements.


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