Climbing Mountains to Cure HD

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Climbing Mountains to Cure HD

Huntington’s Disease (HD) is a hereditary, neurodegenerative disease that causes movement, cognitive and behavior dysfunctions. Currently, there is no cure.

     I come from a large extended family impacted by HD. I am dedicating this trek to my beloved cousin, Becky, who has been living with HD for about 20 years. She has played an important role throughout my life by teaching me how to express myself through art and by modeling creativity, resilience and passion for people and life.

     I am trekking 80 miles through the Swiss Alps in August 2023 to raise funds for the HD Center at Johns Hopkins to support Dr. Ross’s and Dr. Bang’s research to find a cure, better treatments for symptoms of the disease, and to support the multi-disciplinary approach to care that the amazing people at Hopkins provide to the HD community. And, I am hiking for those who no longer can due to this disease.

     Please join me in supporting this worthy cause. Every dollar will benefit the Johns Hopkins HD Center of Excellence.

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