2024 Stick It to Brain Tumors

When we started this event more than 20 years ago, it was in honor of my son Bryan.  He survived his brain tumor. However, after 3 surgeries, he was left unable to play the sport he loves—hockey.  Over the years, this fundraiser has grown to be a very personal mission for many who are involved.  Donors, volunteers, players, and spectators have lost family and friends to brain tumors, and we know what a horrible disease this is.

We would greatly appreciate a donation.  Your contribution will be an invaluable boost to our fundraising efforts and help us achieve our 2024 goal of raising $20,000, of which $12,500 will be donated to Johns Hopkins and the rest to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.  All donations to the 2024 Stick It To Brain Tumors fundraiser through this campaign page are made directly to Johns Hopkins University to benefit the Pilocytic/Pilomyxoid (PA/PMA) Research Fund in the Johns Hopkins Department of Pathology’s Division of Neuropathology. To learn more about brain tumor research in the Division of Neuropathology, please visit Brain Tumors and Brain Pathology - Brain Tumor  |  Johns Hopkins Pathology (jhu.edu).

We truly appreciate and rely heavily on your support because we can’t fight this hideous disease without you. Working together, we can Stick It to Brain Tumors! 

With appreciation,

Debbie Jackson



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